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Website Marketing

It is simply not enough to just publish a website to be successful.
To get customers to visit, You must market your site.
Knowing your audience (or worse, not knowing them) can make or break any marketing initiative.
A successful marketing campaign must reflect an understanding of your audience; what is important to them, and how to best reach them.

We aid your marketing efforts in various ways:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Listings with portals
  • Appropriate e-mail press releases

Key Benefits of Marketing:

  • Drive traffic to your Web site
  • Increase the value of your brand/Name
  • Increase sales
  • Increase ad revenue
  • Expanded audience
  • Lower cost to sell

Marketing Capabilities:

Search engine optimization

We optimize your website relative to your purpose and target audience
We encode your website with key words designed to drive traffic originated by natural language web searches.

E-mail press release

Appropriate e-mail press releases to your customers. *Please note we do not spam.

Other Advertising Opportunities

You need to market your site through other means such as business cards, brochures, mailings, invoices and Purchase Orders just to name a few. We provide you with suggestions for other means of advertising and contacts to other advertising service providers.


Site description:

  • A descriptive title should contain only five to eight words for each page.
    Removing as many filler words from the title, such as "the" and "and," will help target your title.
  • Make the site sound provocative to encourage people to click through.
  • Do not repeat any word more than three times (some search engines do not like "keyword spamming."
  • Be concise.


  • Consider linking your site to other industry pages, like reputable trade publications.
  • Utilize Traditional media.
  • Do not discontinue the print advertising that you've found effective in the past.
  • Utilize press releases.
    If your service or business initiative is unique, it might also be newsworthy. If it is, you'll need a press release. The release should be simple and concise, but not boring. If you offer something free at your site, place emphasis there. Send news releases to print and Web publications that parallel your company's initiatives.
  • Join a banner exchange program.
  • Make friends through mailing lists and newsgroups.
  • Offer free services with taglines attached.
    Forge Affiliate relationships/agreements.
    (Others fulfill orders and ship products for you)
  • Strong Brand identification.
    (Create your own identity)
  • Implement Permission marketing.
    (Visitors give you permission to send them information about your business)
  • Develop a Vertical site.
    (Offer your customer everything they could possibly need.)
    e.g. if you're selling baked goods, offer recipes, cooking utensils, aprons, books, and other supplies.

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