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Product Photography

A perfect product shot will entice someone to want that item, whatever it is, so it needs to properly display what it is and convey its message.

The amount of time you put into your preparation will result in the quality of your photography.

The product images we prepare for you will have no shadow or very soft shadows and often little more than what is called a contact shadow, no background or plain white backgrounds with no blemishes or joins, no under lit parts of the object and a very balanced even light.

Product Photo Guidelines:
  • ISO 100 or below.
  • Sharp point of focus and in the right place.
  • Entire object in focus.
  • Appropriate Composition
  • No Noise (basically pixels with the wrong color or luminosity value).
  • Shadows: None, soft edge, or very light, or soft contact.
  • Correct exposure.
  • Even lighting.
  • Clean uniform backgrounds.
  • Final photo at 1:1 or 100%.

We provide fast turnaround time.

Each final image is provided in common formats:
  • High Resolution 300 PPI, CMYK - PSD, EPS, JPG TIFF, MAC-TIFF
  • Low Resolution 144 PPI, RGB JPG, PNG, & GIF

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