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Website Development

The key elements of a website are Content, Navigation, Image, Functionality, and User Options. During the development phase of your website the content, navigation, image, functionality, and user options are integrated in to your website. Our understanding of these keys and how they relate to each other enable us to provide you with a website that works!


Content refers to the text of your message or messages, your ad copy, your copyrighted images and graphics and royalty free images and graphics. Your content should be consistent with your vision, marketing plan and internet objectives. Your content needs to be in digital format on CD-Rom, DVD-disc, floppy disk or removable storage disc. Click here to view the Web Development Information Checklist


The Navigational properties of your site determine the ability of your visitors to know where they are at all times, where they have been, where they can go and how to get back to any part of your site. We work with you to decide what properties are best for you and your users.


You have an image that you want to project and an identity you want to maintain. Your website should be consistent with your marketing plan and should promote your image and preserve your identity. We integrate the look and feel of your site to be consistent with these objectives.


If your website is difficult to understand, not focused on your message, and not accurate and up to date it is not functional and therefore not effective. We believe the measure of a website is not how many bells and whistles it has. Your website should effectively communicate your message to your target audience, be consistent with your marketing plan, enhance your image, effectively advertise and promote your business or organization and allow you to interact with your target audience in the simplest way possible. Clear, focused, accurate and up to date websites work!

User options

An understanding of the vast array of computers, software and users connected to the worldwide web coupled with the capabilities and expectations of your target audience are integrated into the design of your website thus enabling optimal use and assuring maximum effectiveness.

Reference Accounts

Please view our online Portfolio and contact our clients and inquire about us. The respect our clients have for us is born of the respect we show to them. Our service approach is based on how much can we do for you not how little. We earn the trust of our clients with our integrity, honesty and dedication. Most important of all we work with them to deliver a website that works!

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